(see also: Songs I play and the kind of music I'm into)

Video with Me Playing

(all from this year)

The point of these videos is to show what kind of a player I am,
so you can know if you want me in your band.

There will be occasional mistakes and I'm leaving them in on purpose
- I consciously chose to just upload the first take
as I think it's more authentic and useful as a demo of
"what to expect from me on an average day".

It also acknowledges the fact that
we're going to make the odd mistake on stage
and need to be able to recover and keep going.

Wed 28/4 - Open Jam

Timestamps for the parts I'm in:
  • Everlong @ 0:44
  • Smells Like Teen Spirit @ 0.59
  • No Secrets @ 1:12
  • Break Me Shake Me @ 2:08
  • Crazy Little Thing Called Love @ 2:22
  • Seven Nation Army @ 2:35

Wed 13/3

Tue 12/3

Sun 10/3

Wed 6/3

Mon 4/3

Wed 7/2 - Open Jam


Need a bass player? I’m available!

I was part of a great band until recently when the drummer and lead guitarist left for personal reasons. I miss jamming - I’m keen to find something new and good (ie less drama, more fun!) to be a part of - please consider me 🙂

What I Play

I want to be part of a band that challenges me, makes me stretch and grow as a musician - ie not interested in the "plays only simple 60s and 70s rock" kind of deal.


I have all required equipment and transport. I'm versatile and can do "big amps" or "in-ears".

Contact Me

Let me know if you'd like to chat or have a jam - check out my Contact Page which has phone number, email, and availability.